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its bed time

March 12, 2012

but i just wrote an introduction to my prospectus. completely revised.

i’m playing into the need for the study a bit more – though i’m still not sure that the ‘so what’ for the study is coming through just yet. this is because i don’t have any questions right now. everything is, instead, just a statement. my questions are statements.

so i’m curious if i need a question.

i read the introduction to one of mark’s books this past week. aside from the fact that reading it was a very humbling experience (damn, is he ever a good historian), but i took note of the approach. he started with a question – broad. very broad. ‘Why is there no socialism in North America?’

thats broad.

then he went into the historiography – attempts to answer this question. then he attaches it to his topic (labour unions and leadership). this is how i found out that there was a need for his study. he dealt with the historiography before introducing his topic.

the wonderful thing is that his work will be of great value to the section of my study that he says i need to engage – leadership in the working class. so this has more value than just the style of his introduction. i just thought i would mention it as something that really quite captured me.

question. broad exploration. explaining the schools of thought. his topic of study. explaining the purpose of his micro-history within this general theme.

with another hour or two of work, this draft of my introduction will be done. tomorrow.

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