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Where have I been?

August 22, 2012

I’m sorry for the past year. I’ve been lost in school work, and work, and school. I’ve not been talking to you at all. I’m thinking you may forgive me, provided I try to make you a part of my life again. Which is what I want to do, and which is what brings me here.

I’ve not stopped reading. I’ve read some really great works of art. Stuff that I always wanted to discuss with you. But I didn’t have the time, and to do so now would seem like I was lying to you about the books that I recall but can’t honestly review at the moment. But I have an idea for what to do with that – look forward to a new, paragraph series.

So what is it that has brought me to you today?

Nadine Gordimer. In about 20 minutes I will be finishing my first novel by her – more of a novella. And I want to write about it.

And about book stores.

And other authors that I’ve found myself attracted to in the past year.

So, if you’ll forgive me, I will begin again soon.

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