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About Me

Neal Adolph, the author of litereader, is a wannabe-rancher, wannabe-farmer, wannabe-Norwegian from the Canadian Prairie province of Saskatchewan. When he is not busy dreaming about ways to preserve his native prairie, he is reading or writing about reading.

In the second grade, Neal was forced to read by a teacher named Mrs. Jones, a grey-haired, near-retirement teacher who knew things about the power of books that no child could possibly understand. Soon, reading became fashionable in his class – and Neal would begrudgingly put away his books when math class started. This love of reading was often superceded during further education by other goals, but it was never forgotten. And it was always valued by his parents and grandparents, with whom he would trade books he thought they should read.

In the final years of his undergraduate degrees, Neal rediscovered his love of reading; initially, it became a means of maintaining sanity from the insanity of being a student. In the years following, Neal’s love has grown exponentially. This blog, started over on as Prairie Polymath, started as a means of communicating his love without frustrating his friends and family who don’t care about the poetry of line or the depth of character or the rhythm of a plot but just want to consume words.

On a nice Saturday or Sunday, it is not uncommon to find Neal nestled on a valley hillside with a book, reading and munching on trail mix, listening to the movement of bugs and birds across his natural landscape. Or working in his parents’ back yard. In the coming fall, he will be moving to Burnaby, British Columbia to start his Masters of Canadian History program at Simon Fraser University.

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