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Book Review Policy

I read for fun. I write about what I read for fun, and generally in lieu of having a book club that I can discuss my reading with. I love that reading takes me to other parts of the world, to other ways of viewing the world, into the minds of people I would never otherwise meet. Writing about what I am reading is similar, though it certainly does not have the same affect for me as reading. As such, I may not get reviews up after I’ve read a book for quite some time.

In fact, as a rule, I only allow myself to make impressionistic notes in the week following the completion of a novel. This is to allow my brain to slow down on the excitement of having finished the novel, and having gotten over the hype surrounding the experience. It is my way of distancing myself from what I have read just a tad bit more. I don’t know if the result is all that significant, but I think it produces better reviews.

I don’t include ratings in my reviews. I’ve debated it, because I include ratings on my GoodReads page (or at least have). These ratings are out of a scale of five. And I find myself quite frequently frustrated by the ratings that I gave a book months after I read it. And I change it. I can’t change a non-reading. Instead, I stick to recommendations, non-recommendations, and guarded recommendations. I think this is more suitable to the art of reading than something that produces a false sense of comparison – like a rating scale.

I welcome discussion. I want discussion. If you’ve read a book, or want to read a book that I have read, or have a recommendation, bring it up. I want to know what you would have me do as a reader. And I will do my best to fit in an opportunity to do it (just give me time).

If I am ever to receive a book from a publisher for review (has not yet happened, and I don’t anticipate it for any reason), I will include notice in my reviews.

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